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Time-Sert Thread Repair Kit & Insert Data

 Solid Replacement for Helicoil

Time-Sert - helicoil alternative. Australian authorized importer of thread repair kit sizes in a complete range including LS engine & Gen 3, M11x1.5 metric Time-Sert  1115 for Toyota engine,  spark-plug thread repair, BMW engine, Ford Engine & other special kits & sump plug repair. If you need to repair threads previously fixed with helical coil thread inserts or Time-Serts a second time  you will need to use thick walled inserts - see Big-Sert and Loc-in-Sert pages in this website

What are Time-Serts and what are they used for?

Time-Serts are called "thread inserts" and are thin walled threaded sleeves generally made of steel. They are as thin in section as the well known Helicoil variety of inserts. There is a screw thread profile on the inside and also on the outside and the "peak" or hill of the inside thread nests into the peak of the outside thread. This is how Time-Serts succeed in making the wall of their inserts extra thin.

Time-Serts are used for repairing stripped threads or in manufacturing to create stronger new threads in soft materials like aluminium or plastics. Because Time-Serts are so thin walled they take only a minimum amount of material around any hole needing to be repaired or inserted.

What tools do You need to be able use them?

You will need a special set of tools for each size of Time-Sert you want to use. You can buy all the tools you need with a starter supply of Time-Serts in a ready made kit (pictured at left). You can only fit one diameter and type of thread insert with each kit. Usually the kit contains (1) a drill (of the correct size to drill out the hole to be repaired or  strengthened) - (2) a special tap to retap the hole to the right size for the Time-Sert - (3) a "counterbore" to cut a recessed lip which takes the flange of the Time-Sert - (4) an "insert driver" to screw the Time-Sert in and lock it in place and (5) a starter supply of Time-Serts (usually a quantity of 5).

How do You use the tools to fit a Time-Sert?













    (1)        (2)       (3)        (4)        (5)

(1) Drill with the drill supplied in the kit.

(2) Counterbore the hole with the tool supplied. This makes a recessed lip

      in the base material for the flange of the Time-Sert.

(3) Tap the hole with the special size tap supplied in the kit.

(4) Screw the insert in with the insert driver supplied until you have gone

      right through the insert and rolled formed the inside bottom threads.

(5) The Time-Sert will now be in place seated below the surface in the lip

       you made with the counterbore tool.

How do Time-Serts work?

First of all, to explain how Time-Serts work, you need to know that a Time-Sert has extra metal left in the bottom internal threads when it is made. This means the bottom inside threads are not fully formed. (You can see this  inside the black ring in the picture at left).

The cross-sectioned picture on the right

illustrates how a Time-Sert works.


The yellow tool is the Time-Sert driver tool.                          __Insert Driver

It is a fluteless, roll forming tap. As it is                                     fluteless, roll forming tap

screwed through the insert it roll forms

the bottom internal threads that had extra

metal left in them and locks the Time-Sert

into the "Base Material" by forcing the extra                                         Time-Sert

metal in these threads outwards.                                                                           

                                               Base Material

                                           drilled, tapped

                                                         and counterbored


                                          Bottom few threads                                                                  Insert driver tap

                                         with extra material are                                                           squeezes excess

                                         roll formed as the insert                                                     metal out as it forms

                                         driver is wound through                                                       the inside threads

Sparkplug hole Time-Sert thread repairs

Time-Serts are the ideal for Sparkplug thread repair and stripped sump plug threads.

LS engine, Gen3 engine, BMW engine, Ford engine, Toyota engine Plus many other head bolt thread repair & sump plug thread repair kit options.

Timesert head bolt kits for General Motors Gen3 and LS enigines - other  Timesert kits to suit all engine threads are also available

You can also get Time-Serts in boxed ranges with multiple thread sizes of tools and inserts

Time-Sert produces convenient boxed kits containing ranges of thread sizes as follows:


METRIC COARSE #1   -   M5x0.8, M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M12x1.75   -   Part # TS1000

METRIC COARSE # 2   -   M5x0.8, M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M12x1.5   -   Part # TS1005

METRIC FINE #1   -   M5x0.8, M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.25, M12x1.5   -   Part # TS1001

METRIC FINE #2   -   M5x0.8, M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.25, M12x1.25   -    Part # TS1004

1/4” to 1/2” UNC   -   1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, 7/16-14, 1/2-13   -   Part # TS0010

1/4” to 1/2” UNF   -  1/4-28, 5/16-24, 3/8-24, 7/16-20, 1/2-20   -   Part # TS0020


Each boxed range kit comes with complete sets of 5 different, various sized fitting tools and 20 of

each of the corresponding size of inserts [100 inserts total in each kit].



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