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Threaded inserts Australian specialist, Time-Sert, Helicoil or

Keensert compatible thread repair & Flex-Hone distributors

Time-Sert distributors, importer in Australia, Flex-Hone distributors, importer in Australia, helicoil type kit for thread repair, threaded inserts for wood & plastic, keensert type thread repair, EZ Lok distributors & importer in Australia  carbide drill & carbide burr distributors - drill hardened steel with Diamohard drills. Suppliers of taps and dies, including left hand & unusual - left hand drill bits remove broken bolts and studs using a power drill.   Also remove broken easy outs with special drills and burrs.

Shipped direct to Adelaide South Australia, Brisbane Queensland, Melbourne Victoria, NT, Perth WA, Sydney NSW, Tasmania shipped direct from our comprehensive stock

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Product Range & Brands Include Time-Sert,  helicoil compatible & Keensert substitute E-Z Lok thread repair insert kits & threaded inserts, Flexhones or Ball Hones cylinder hone to deburr, deglaze, finish engine or hydraulic cylinders & heat exchangers and boilers - brass, stainless steel & diecast threaded inserts for wood or plastic - Carbide Drill bits straight flute by Diamohard  & carbide  burr sets, left hand drill bits, power driven easy-out or screw extractor by Pow-er-Out - taps & dies &  thread repair in UNC, UNF, UNEF, NPT, BA, BSP, BSF, metric fine & metric course for automotive, ships, large diesel engines, engineering, small engines, motorcycle, mower, pump, furnace, turbine, boiler, heat exchanger, maintenance & repair

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