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Left Hand Drill Bits for Removing a Broken Bolt

Your  Easiest Easy Out or Screw Extractor



Removing a broken bolt or stud?  Use left hand drill bits - now in Australia - a left hand drill bit set. It's a screw extractor or easy out & the easier way of removing a broken bolt with your power drill.  You just drill in reverse with Pow-'er-OutTM left hand drill bits and because you're driving these drill bits anticlockwise you'll drive a broken bolt out while you drill.  The Pow-'er-OutTM system of left hand drill bits will remove about 50% to 80% of broken bolts much more easily than a standard screw extractor or easy out.

Left hand drill bits. Power driven screw extractor & easy out. Your quicker way to remove broken bolt in probably 70-90% of cases

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