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Keenserts** are threaded  inserts for OEM and thread repair that provide positive mechanical locking into the parent material by means of external "keys" that are knocked down into the host metal.

External threads on all Keensert type inserts do not require special tooling because they are standard threads and holes to take them are tapped using standard taps.

Keensert Type Miniature Inserts (Kee-n-SertTM brand) Are available in UNC sizes  #2-56;  #4-40;  #6-32  &  #8-32 and in METRIC sizes M2x0.4;  M2.5x0.45;  M3x 0.5  &  M4x0.7.  They can come with either "free running" or "locking" internal threads in most sizes.

Keensert Type Lightweight Inserts (Kee-n-Sert brand) Come in sizes from 5mm to 12mm and #10 to 1/2" UNC and UNF and have a relatively thin wall.

Keensert Type Extra Heavy Duty Inserts (Kee-n-Sert brand) Come in  UNC and UNF sizes from #6- to 1".  They have a thicker wall than "Heavy Duty" but are not available in Metric.

Keensert Type Heavy Duty Inserts (Kee-n-Sert brand) Come in sizes from 4mm to 24mm and in UNC from #8-32 to 1-1/2" or in UNF from #10-32 to 1".  They have a thicker wall than the Lightweight series.

How to Fit a KeysertTM Brand Keensert**



Drill the hole with the specified drill size.

Tap the hole with the correct size standard tap.

Screw the insert in with fingers or a fitting tool till just below the surface.




Tap the locking pins down with a hammer, using a fitting tool if available.

Kee-n-SertTM fitted and in place.



** "Keensert" is a trademark of Alcoa

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