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Threaded Inserts  for Wood, Plastic and Injection Moulding

Rotomolding - Fabrication - Machining

Threaded insert for plastic or wood also known as skein nuts for wood - Australian distributor - importer.  Strong metal threads in wood & plastic - tiny sizes to 10mm & 3/8" EZLok inserts  rotomolding type inserts. In Australia, Cross Tools Co stocks a range of sizes of these threaded inserts in brass, stainless steel and diecast. They are mainly used for manufacturing, cabinet making , plastic injection moulding or plastic fabrication.  You use various methods of insertion for these special inserts including push in, self tapping and ultrasonic insertion. See varieties and sizes available in the tables below.



* Hole size requirements may vary depending on various factors such as type of material and tooling. We recommend that you test your particular application before ordering. We gladly supply free samples quantities.

Threaded inserts for plastic - Ultrasonic type size & properties table  #2-56 UNC  or 3mm up to 3/8" imperial or M6x1 metric

Ultrasonic Inserts - Tapered - Single or Double Vane

Designed for use in Thermoplastics


- Tapered design reduces installation time

- Install ultrasonically or with heat driver

- Superior torque / pull out resistance

- Inch and metric threads

- Single and double vane types


Threaded inserts for plastic - Sizes & Properties table for  Brass straight sided ultrasonic inserts in sizes #2-56 UNC to 3/8"

Ultrasonic Inserts - Straight Sided Brass

Designed for use in Thermoplastics


- Straight design permits thinner boss walls

- Install ultrasonically or with heat driver

- Superior torque / pull out resistance

- Flush and flanged designs

Push in Threaded Inserts for plastic in brass & stainless steel - table of sizes & properties from #080 UN to 3/8" or 3mm to 6mm

For Cored or Drilled Holes in Plastic


Diamond knurled press-in inserts are designed to replace

moulded-in insert and threads in thermoset plastics

- Install Cold

- Sharply reduce the cost of mouldings

- Cut reject waste caused by

   misaligned & faulty inserts

- Eliminate the need to "chase" threads

   after moulding

- Install properly without a precise

   hole depth

Threaded Inserts for Wood with External Knife Thread in Brass or Stainless Steel

Cabinet hardware - threaded inserts for wood & skein nuts inserts in brass, stainless, diecast - table of sizes from 3mm to 3/8" & 10mm

Threaded inserts for wood with external knife threads provide superior holding power in hard and soft woods, MDF and all wood based products. Use wherever field assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping. The long pilot ensures straight driving into a drilled hole. Sizes available from # 4-40 UN to 3/8" and 3mm to 8mm. You can install with a screwdriver, bolt and locknut, tapping head or with the E-Z Lok driving tool pictured below.

Threaded Inserts for Wood

Hex Drive Die Cast Zinc

An inexpensive threaded insert for wood. Uses are in ready-to-assemble furniture, drawer pulls and wherever easy assembly or avoidance of thread stripping is an issue. Install with a hex key or with the special E-Z Lok drive tool pictured below.

Finserts for Wood & Thermoplastics

Threaded inserts for wood or plastic can be used in either material. Fins on the outside push into the parent material size #6-32 UN to 5/16"

Finserts provide strong metal threads in wood, MDF and other wood based products and are also used in thermoplastics like nylon, polystyrene, cellulose acetate and cycolac. By distributing stress over a greater surface area they provide firm permanent fastening. The fins give higher holding strength in softer materials and help prevent splintering, splitting and thread pullout. Finserts come with one, two or three fins to suit varying thicknesses of material.

Threaded inserts for plastic rotomolding available in 2 lengths and sizes from 3mm to 10mm

Hexagonal Brass Threaded Inserts for Rotomolding

Threaded inserts for rotomoulding plastic come in 2 lengths and with internal thread sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Threaded inserts for plastic rotomolding table of sizes and properties from 3mm to 10mm
Threaded inserts for plastic rotomolding dimensioned drawing of specifications




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      901015-13                Flanged                   M10-1.5                     13mm                      13mm                         M10                         9200

      901015-20                Flanged                   M10-1.5                     18mm                      13mm                         M10                         9200

     *Hole size requirements may vary depending on material and tools.  We recommend you test before production

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