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Tapping Drill Chart - Tapping Chart - Metric Thread Chart - Imperial Thread Chart  Number & Letter Drills All-in-One Identifier Chart & Helicoil Tapping Drill Chart


Tapping drill chart - tapping chart for metric threads, imperial threads - Tapping drill chart - tapping chart for Helicoil thread repair.  Below is your all-in-one. Identify threads & number drills, letter drills,  BSW,  BA  BSF,  BSP,  UNC,  UNF,  UNEF,  NPT threads, tapping drill sizes and more all in one simple chart.  Here's your Simple Size-'em chart:-

Tapping drill chart for Metric Thread & Imperial Thread   BSW, BA, BSF, BSP, UNC, UNF, UNEF, NPT, letter drills, number drills

by about

0.005" to 0.15"

0.10 to 0.40mm

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