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& Top Quality USA made Cobalt Sets


HSS Number Drill Sets #1 to 60

                                    #61 to 80

HSS Letter Drills A to Z


Metric Cobalt  1mm-13mm x 0.5mm increments


Inch Cobalt  1/16" - 1/2" x 1/64th increments

Genuine Starrett Popular Lines at Great Prices

Coolant Resistant 0-6"/0-150mm

Coolant Resistant 0-8"/0-200mm

Coolant Resistant 0-12"/0-300mm

Metric Dial Indicators

10mm travel x 0.01mm increment


Great NEW Line - Tap Socket Sets

2 Sets Available

SMALL TAP SET - for sizes 5-12mm or 3/16"-1/2" (8 sockets as pictured)

LARGER TAP SET - for sizes 16-20mm or 5/8"-3/4" (3 sockets)


Small Sizes Set (8 sockets)

Part # 70500


Large Sizes Set (3 sockets)

Part # 70940


Ideal where a "T" handle is awkward to use. These sockets fit snug to the shank and head of a tap giving you firm control over the tapping operation and keeping the tap true to the hole.

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