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LS Engine, Gen 3, Ford Engine, BMW Engine, Toyota Engine, VW Thread Repair Kits also Caterpillar, Cummins, Hitachi, Komatsu and Large Sizes


Thread repair for many special threads - LS Engine - Gen3, Ford Engine, BMW Engine, Toyota Engine, VW, Landrover,  Honda & Harley Davidson threads - Caterpillar, Cummins, Hitachi, Komatsu & large diesel and marine engine threads can be repaired with Time-Sert, NuCoil or Keensert type thread repair kits and inserts. For instance unusual threads such as in Bendix aircraft brakes, and there are special tools for difficult to access deep hole threads. Also available are unusual threads for vintage cars & equipment such as UNEF, BA, BSF, BSP & NPT. Please phone and ask us about special requirements until we update these pages to list more detail about available threads and sizes.


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 Universal Head Bolt Kits                             Ford & Volkswagen

 LS engine - Gen 3 engine                          Toyota & Other Head Bolts

 BMW - Porsche - Harley & Others              Sump Plug Repair


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LS engine-Gen 3 engine-Honda engine thread repair kit kit sizes
Ford egine -Volkswagen engine -BMW engine -Harley Davidson thread repair- sump plug thread repair
head bolts -engine thread repair kit sizes
Sump plug thread repair kit sizes

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